Be Human: What distinguishes us as species

BeHuman is a Non Profit Portuguese association founded in 2017.
We believe that we can live with more Humanity in our societies, but to define our mission we decided to interview experts from around the world. For this reason, over the last two years we interviewed hundreds of children from many different countries around the planet asking what they considered to be ” More Human Societies ” and their answers helped us to define it:

A Human Society: Society with people with more self-knowledge, better relationships among each other and more significant interactions with the planet.

This traits can help us to evaluate whether we live in emotionally healthy contexts or not.




Emotional Tips for those who are away from home during COVID19

Being confronted with this outbreak is perceived as a direct & indirect threat to our safety. The limbic system in our brain is hardwired to notice threats and activate the Fight – Flight – Freeze response. This response prepares our body physically to deal with actual & perceived danger. This is a very useful survival […]

COVID_19: Emotional Impact and how to deal with it: Children 0-5 Years Old Over the next few months (o-3months) we will observe many reactions that means we are all adjusting to the new reality in the world, in our lives and more specifically in our families. And although these reactions are normal given the situation, […]

Emotional Health During Covid-19

Taking care of your mental and Emotional health during COVID-19  The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is difficult for all of us, above all because an epidemic outbreak impacts on various dimensions of the lives of those who experience it. Economic and professional / routine dimension,  social, spiritual and existential dimension and in the […]