Emocionary Jenga

The Emotionary Jenga is the Firts game tha came from “Kids Project”.

This game compiles challenges proposed by children around the world. Challenges that, once repeated can change the society we live and turn the world in a better world.

Its a group game for families, friends, adults and children (+ 6 years old).

One at a time, participants should take out some piece, follow the instruction and put it again on the top of the tour.
The chalenge comes with ballance, because you shoul not let the tour fall. Tha same challenge we have towards our emotions, its essencial to learn how to mantain the ballance without falling!!

The game instructions encourage participants to talk about what they feel, challenges to improve relationships and to have meaningfull interactions with the planet.

You just need to request it and play it on!

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10 thoughts on “Emocionary Jenga”

  1. Olá Maria! Parabens pelo projecto! É brilhante e lindo! E mesmo o que eu preciso agora!
    Como posso comprar o Jenga? Encomendo aqui? Tens alguma loja fisica tua ou parceira em Portugal onde possa ir comprar? Sei que é muito apertado, mas se possivel gostava de ter 1 ja na 5a ou 6a feira e outro com menos pressa. Se nao for possivel, fico sem pressa!

    1. Ola Marta!
      Basta encomendar online, o enviando mail: Mpalha@behuman.org.pt efetua pagamento pode ser feito MBway ou Transferência. Envia comprovativo de pagamento com a morada de entrega e efetuamos entrega por correios.
      Neste momento a Jenga Emocionária custa 33euros.

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