With the publication “Emocionar: the emotional toolkit for families done by children” we have been invited by many schools to promote sessions on emotional health and ways to develop it and engage young audiences and everyone with whom they contact in this mission.

Paulo Freire once said, “People don’t change the world, but education transforms people, it can change the world” we believe that all families and educational institutions deserve to know new tools and instruments, activities and resources that can revolutionise relationship among different generations and engage all in finding adjusted solutions to be emotionally healthier, so that they learn to fight for a common well-being and with that, a better world.

With the shool Directors  aproval we visit first and second cycle schools, to raise awareness, training and educational activities for all involved with children: teachers, educators or parents and the community.

With Parents’ Associations, we encourage actions that satisfy their specific needs, whether focused in their Family emotional well-being or focused in their own or parental dilemmas. After a first contact, we define an action strategy and act.

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