“Who am I and what distinguishes me from others?”

The answer to this question depends intrinsically on the knowledge we have about ourselves, our characteristics, challenges, strengths and weaknesses. What if we talk about your company “How Human is your company?”

Behuman has been designing and implementing a series of programs dedicated to changing the corporate culture that we live in Portugal.

After all, if we look at the numbers, we have 14% of Portuguese with Burnout and 80% with a probability of developing it.

If burnout symptoms are similar to depression ones, a 5 years old child, who grows up with a burnout caregiver, exhausted, hopeless, without creativity and even frustrated, in 20135 he will be 20 years old young adult getting ready to work in your company. What adult will this be?

Do our companies contribute directly to less humane societies?

Behuman believes that we can contribute to more emotional and healthy corporate settings, more creative and healthier corporate cultures, not only among employees, but also becoming Family caring business.

Where managers and directors are concerned about their employees health as if they were their family, with the full awareness that an employee usually has a family behind it and therefore contributes directly to the transformation of the world. Become a true company that transforms the world, inside and out


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