We often receive requests from public or private organizations and companies to design and implement programs adjusted to specifics needs that can inproove well-being and quality of life in the corporate setting.Our programs aim of solve specific problems, in teams, management or in the culture of a certain company.

Situations that ca benefit to have a Behuman program at your Company?

1.When you want to make a brand reactivation.

2. When your teams need to balance work and personal life in order to mantain productivity and creativity.

3. To reduce and support Stress, pressure and competion, Burnout cases.

4.When there are Company changes: of space, teams or goals.

5. To increase team motivation regarding different projects.

6. To reduce turnover.

7.  When there are toxic environments with disconnected teams.

8.When your teams lost their sense of purpose at work.

9. To change company culture and engage all in a common well-being. 

10.When you want to transform your company into the best working place in the world, taking care of your employees as if they were your family.

11. When companies want to benefit from an internal support services (from coaching to Psychotherapist) sessions in addition to professional psychological support, on a journey into our life cycle with the aim of evolving emotionally at work.

The Benefits to the Company:

Leaders will be able to identify and change habits that bring more well-being and quality of productivity of different teams life.

Receives very useful techniques and guidelines easy to implement in the workday routine

Will encrease self-knowledge, and improve the relationship with each others and with the planet.

Will access to a personal mental health support and coaching sistem.

How do we intervene?

Intervention begans with diagnosis using evaluation and action metrics.

We defined the Program with methods, strategies and action plan.

We create support materials, guidelines, useful tools for the daily lives of employees in the company and in their personal lives.

We implemented the program Together with employees with pre and post intervention assessment.

We end intervention with a final report and we define future steps as well as Follow up needed actions, to monitor consulidated changes in the organization.

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