Over the past few years we created new tools and products that may help civil society to have healthier life stile  and well-being improving emotional health and quality of life. 

We have 2 books published:

1. Emotional First aid Box, 2016


Learning how to manage emotions is a fundamental task for our well-being. However, Western society favors rationality and neglects emotional education, which is why many of us do not even know how to identify and understand emotions, lacking adequate tools to deal with them. Throughout this book, psychologist Maria Palha helps the reader to build her own Emotional SOS Kit. If you make a cut on your hand, you certainly have a first aid box with a band-aid at home. And what happens when you feel sad or frustrated? When you don’t know how to deal with guilt, loneliness, or fear of the future? Some try to ignore negative emotions, others let themselves be dragged by them, without control. This book compiles stories from all over the world and includes techniques and methods that the author has accumulated over the years giving consultations and on humanitarian missions.

2.Emocionar: An emotional toolkit for Families done by children, 2019


Combining playful and pedagogical techniques with a series of practices used by families from 13 different countries, this kit helps us to be the adults we needed when we where children inpiring and supporting the growth of generations with greater self-knowledge, better relations with others and with others, encreasing significant interactions with the planet. For a more humane world, for a sustainable future and for the common well-being, it is urgent to act with humanity, using what distinguishes as species.



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