To do psychotherapy is to go on a journey of self discovery. If you feel you need to improve your mental health, quality of life or relationships and you´ve been looking for a psychologist,

I invite you to try online psychotherapy (using Skype or other online app).

Online sessions of psychotherapy are for people who feel safer at home to begin a therapeutic process and who cannot travel to the psychologist’s office.

Online psychotherapy may look strange at the beggining, but along the process therapeutic relationship beggins and you began to feel confortable.

Psychotherapy is useful in cases of:

Changes (marriages, divorces, work or unemployment … loss of loved one, Health)


Social phobia


Problem with Relationships

Eating disorders

Low self esteem

Loss of Life Meaning

What you can expect from a psychotherapy:

Changes of perspective;

Increased ability to identify and deal with fears (anxiety);

Increased self esteem;

More contact with emotions and needs;

Different forms of communication;

Better conflict resolution; More peace of mind;

More self-awareness and quality of personal relationships.

The online sessions happen through an application (skype, face time, wapp…) that allows to connect each other through video and sound during 60mins.

The therapeutic processes can run from 1-6 months, with weekly sessions depending on objetives. Anxiety and depression cases can take longer – one year.

But in either situation change is possible and important.

About the Psychologist Maria Palha: 

Clinical Psychologist and psychotherapist, author of the book “Emotional First Aid Box”, founder of BeHuman Association. With many years of professional experience in crisis intervention and clinical intervention with adults. Specialized in E.M.D.R., uses cognitive behavioral and dynamic approaches, therapy focused on emotions.

Prices, payments and how to book:

The value of each session is 50euros / session and there is a 10% discount when paying 4 sessions.

Payment is made by bank transfer or MBway, the day before the scheduled session.

To book a session you just need to send mail to: and arrange date.



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