Behuman Invites: Miguel Sevilhano to talk about Anxiety and Breathwork


This Live was dedicated to anxiety. Anxiety is at the front position when we talk about mental desieses in Portugal and due to the pandemic, affects the life of 25% of Portuguese people. It is important to recognise anxiety so we can deal with it and take care of ourselves and the ones around us.

We had @terapeuta_miguelsevilhano, someone who, moved by curiosity, developed the ability to cure with his own cure. A nature lover, who soon discovered that everything works as a system.
He has an holistic approach that combines the ancestral and spiritual principles of Ayurveda with the precise vision of Osteopathy, the smoothness of Sacro-Cranial Therapy, and Conscious Breathing and Movement as a way to liberate from physical and psychological trauma. Miguel brought a practice that helps with anxiety, a journey to the most profound parts of the being, aligning physical and emotional questions, and the different energy channels, present from inside out.

Because Taking care of emotional health is developing what distinguishes us as a species, our humanity.

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