BeHuman Invites: Fátima Lopes – “Self-Care, Changes and Emotional Health”

Self-care is what we do for ourselves, to stay healthy and prevent disease. These are daily habits we include in our routine. It encompasses several dimensions. National Health Systems commonly devalue it in their approach, because with limited funds, they usually give priority to disease. We had the privilege of having our dear @fatimalopesoficial to reflect on this and share how self-care has been part of daily practice, which motivated her to create the Simply Flow health and wellbeing platform and we were even know that he created an advent calendar dedicated to Mental Health, where with 1min videos he shares small tips on the topic. The conversation could not fail to have a good dose of May 13, but for that they have to join the conversation and see how it went. After all, slowing down is also a form of self-care !!

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