BeHuman Invites: Mar Hausler – “Money with purpose and Emotional Health”

Money is harder to address than other controversial topics, such as sex, politics, or religion. However often conditions our relationship with others and the world. We know that economic crisis situations like the one we are experiencing in Portugal bring unemployment and that unemployment increases the probability of suicide in society by 20% and 30%. If 353,000 people find themselves in Lay off or have lost their jobs since April 2020 where do we go in terms of mental and emotional health in 2021? In this Live The suggestion of @marmichellehausler is to open up the topic of money and allow each individual to reflect on it. After all, this is how we build an opinion on this. To Reflect on how we use money as a mediator of relationships, the emotions we may feel (whether guilt, shame, fear), the source of our money, whether we feel it is toxic, how healthy and finally our plan: “where I am now ”- identify 3 steps to take-Where I want to go”

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