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In 2019 the documentary film trailer “Little Human Eyes” was elected as WINNER in the category of “Best Short Documentary Film” Watch Trailer Well Done Be human


Coaching: Como, quando e Porquê? O Coaching é um processo de Reflexo-ação onde Coach e Coachee estão focados em potênciar as capacidades do Coachee para este consiga concretizar a mudança que procura. Desta forma, é a própria pessoa que, com o apoio do Coach, irá desenhar as suas estratégias para atingir os objectivos definidos. O […]

With the research and publication of the “Emotional toolkit for Families” we developed a series of sessions for parents and children, whose goal is to provide content and techniques that help the family to be emoytionaly more healthy, as a whole, as a system. “Changing the World from Home” is the motto of these sessions […]

Book Launch: Emotionar: Emotional toolkit for Families

SYNOPSIS: Concerned about what it IS to grow UP in the 21st centurY, with the records of emotional and psychological suffering experienced in Portugal and the millions displaced people, due to wars or climate changes, Maria Palha wanted to understand how we can support future generations to break these sufering cycles and to be emotionally […]