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Taking care of Emotional Health: Sadness

Failing to see wonderful things, discouragement, demotivation or emptiness are just a few signs that may indicate sadness. Culturally we may tend to ignore it. What we forget is that this emotion allows us to discover what personal needs aren’t being met or what we may have missed that was really important to us (people, […]

Behuman Invites

November brought new challenges and constraints and for this reason, we decided to bring together various experts to reflect and share their tips on different dimensions that contribute to Well-Being. Leave your topics and experts suggestions, dreams, wishes, you never know where we will end up.

How to deal with Eco Anxiety and Climate Griefing

More than half of the world’s population is under the age of 30, and they are who inherit an ever-growing list of effects of the climate crisis. New emotional realities emerge, such as Eco-anxiety or Climate grief. You are all invited to join this big event promoted by @youthclimateleaders tomorrow, the 24th of November, and […]