Online and Face-to-face Psychotherapy

When you decide to begin Psychotherapy it´s like going on a journey to discover your inner world.
If you feel you need to improve your mental and emotional health, well-being or quality of life and are looking for a psychologist,
I invite you to try face to face or online psychotherapy (using Skype).

What´s The difference of professionals in the field of Psychology:

There are many two main types of Mental Health professionals. Psychiatrists and Psychologists.
They can work in partnership for the patient’s mental health. The Psychiatrist, evaluates the patient and his complaints, prescribing medication so that there is a chemical and hormonal balance of the patient. The Psychologist uses oral therapy, and focuses on the overall functioning of his patient, helping him to reflect on himself, his relationship with others and with the world. The therapeutic plan always uses techniques and strategies that allow a restructuring of the way of thinking, feeling and acting, increasing the levels of general well-being.

When can psychotherapy be useful?

1.When you feel mood instability

General day-to-day dissatisfaction, demotivation or hopelessness Mood swings Difficulty in concentration, memory and focus Irritability

2.When there is too much stress

Anxiety situations and associated problems (panic attacks, anxiety..etc ..)

Difficulties in managing stress, physical and emotional exhaustion (burnout) Insomnia, loss or increase in appetite, changes in biological rhythms.

3.When you face problems in the relationship with Others

Communication difficulties Isolation or aggression Marital and / or family conflicts Integration difficulties

4.When you face changes in your life

 Difficulties in adapting to new situations (health problems, marital or family changes, change / loss of job, change of city / life, parenting, grief).

Eating Behavior Problems: Eating behavior disorders (food restriction or compulsion, obsession with healthy food

5. Sleep Problems

Difficulty falling asleep (initial insomnia) Intermittent waking, light sleep Early awakening (terminal insomnia)

6. Self-esteem Problems

Perfectionism and self-criticism that does not let go Feeling of inferiority Difficulty in affirmation and personal appreciation

Book your Psychotherapy session, face to face or online:

How does online psychotherapy work?

The online Psychotherapy sessions are for people who feel more secure in their home to start a therapeutic process and who cannot travel to the psychologist’s office. Online psychotherapy may seem strange, but with sessions, the strangeness diminishes, giving way to a real therapeutic relationship.
As in the face-to-face therapy process, online therapy also focuses on health and increasing functionality

The online sessions take place through one of the apps (skype, face time, wapp) that allows video and sound calls. And for 60 minutes we have the session. Therapeutic processes can last from 1 to 6 months, with weekly sessions, depending on the cases and the evolution of the situations. Anxiety and depression are cases that require more time, a year, but in either situation changes are possible and the important thing is to ask for help as soon as possible.

How does the face to face Psychotherapy Works:

The sessions take place in Lisbon, in Saldanha and are scheduled depending on the availability of the patient and therapist. They can have a fixed schedule, with weekly or biweekly regularity. Depending on the therapeutic plan.

About Psychologist Maria Palha:

Clinical Psychologist and psychotherapist, author of the book “emotional First Aid Box” and “Emocionar”,
founder of the BeHuman Association.
With many years of professional experience in the area of ​​crisis intervention and clinical intervention with adults and parents.
Specialized in E.M.D.R., uses cognitive behavioral and dynamic approaches, therapy focused on emotions.
Prices and payments: The value of the sessions is 50euros / session and there is a 10% discount when paying for 4 sessions.
Payment is made by bank transfer or MBway, the day before the scheduled session.

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