All wars impacts direct and indirectly towards those who experience them, but also on those who watch them closely. We face a number of displaced people higher than the II World War. It´s urgent to understand the emotional impact of this event, as well as what we can be done to prevent mental illness in the short, medium and long term. Since this seems to be only way we can interrupt cycles of immediate suffering and for future generations. BEHUMAN Association created an Emotional and psychological program for asylum seekers and war refugees. In partnership with SPEAK, we will start the program as early as April22. SPEAK is a social impact startup founded in 2014 in Portugal. With the aim of mitigating the social exclusion of migrants and refugees, the organization has a community of 52,000 people and is present in 23 cities. SPEAK was one of the winners of the European Google Impact Challenge and placed 3rd in the Chivas Venture Tournament in 2019. For more information, visit SPEAK For Ukraine was launched on March 12, 16 days after the start of the war in Ukraine, to respond to the need for integration of the now more than 2.8 million people who have forcibly left this country. The platform makes it possible to join volunteers with organizations, as well as people who, after arriving in the host countries, need support to overcome the language barrier and create an informal support network. Launched with the support of the Ageas Foundation, and in collaboration with the European Commission Representation in Portugal and the Be Human Association, the platform will allow: Ukrainian refugees have quick and free access to language groups, where they can learn the local language of the host country, and emotional support groups to help them and their families integrate into communities. Volunteers can help refugees from Ukraine by leading language groups, teaching the local language, and supporting organizations with translation and/or interpretation, from Ukrainian or Russian into the most diverse languages. Organizations and civil society can refer refugees, as well as request access to a network of translators and/or interpreters and access emotional support groups. We are currently (March 22) receiving applications from Bilingual Psychologists (PT|ING or Ukrainian) as well as Interpreters. If you are interested in collaborating, you can send an email with your CV to