Throughout 2017 and 2018  hundreds of children where interviewed (5-10 years old) from 12 different countries in order to collect tips, tools and activities on how to be emotionally more competent .

We started with Portuguese children, talked with children of gangsters in Sierra Leone, children who grew up with monks in the Japanese monasteries, Colombians of indigenous communities and others; The Cariocas children were also part, some grown in favelas, others in the asphalt. In São Tomé and Príncipe we gather tips on family formats or how to deal with anger. Then came India, Nepal, and Bhutan, which gave excellent input on the importance of spirituality. In Egypt we interviewed Bedouin children from the desert and Jordan to represent Middle East. Both stressed the importance of religion and change in welfare processes.

All this information alloud us to create Projet Kids.

What´s Project Kids?

A social project that will improve emotional competences among all and specially in the future generations.


By creating an Emotional Toolkit for Families that can be used in everyday life. For this reason the Kit will provide tips, tools and fun games that Will revolutionise self-knowledge, promote better relationships among individuals and increase meaningful interactions with the world.

The added value of this project?

It´s done by Family Experts: children from 5-10 years old from all over the world and a psychologist (Maria Palha, Psychologist with many years of experience implementing Mental Health projects in Humanitarian contexts).

The Toolkit Content?

1. Book: Please read some of the texts published in Magazine Visão:

 The book will be used as guideline for parents and the Documentary will compile the children’s answers and their reality

2. Documentary: please click to see trailer:


Situational Report May 2019?

More then 11 articles published in “Visão Magazine”

1 trailer

12 countries visited

More then 25,500 euros total Budjet used

A signed contract with “Penguin Editor” to publish the book

Partnership With NGO Missao Dimix

Creation of “Be Human” association

Communication channels

More the 200 Emotionary Jengas being played by Portuguese Famillies

More then 20 different Games

25 Dinamic presentations

16 Workshops provided


 How can you support?

Became a Private or public Donor’s interested in supporting research, production and edition of final documentary

To support and share the fundraising click here


what can I give you back?

Articles and/or short movies about each country and the emotional recipes given by the children that can show their main worries and as well some humanity all over the world.