Book Launch: Emotionar: Emotional toolkit for Families

SYNOPSIS: Concerned about what it IS to grow UP in the 21st centurY, with the records of emotional and psychological suffering experienced in Portugal and the millions displaced people, due to wars or climate changes, Maria Palha wanted to understand how we can support future generations to break these sufering cycles and to be emotionally healthier in your relationship with them selves, others, and the planet. 
To this end, she interviewed hundreds of experts who attend these movements daily: children from 5 to 12 years old, coming from 13 different countries, gathered their concerns and suggestions of what we should all do to reinforce and carry out what defines and distinguishes us as a species: our Humanity.

With the help of these children, it was possible to create this emotional tool kit that gives voice to the issues that most worry our children, helping kids and adults to reflect on the kind of society we are building for future generations. Combining playful and pedagogical techniques with a range of practices used by families of different cultures, this kit helps us be the adults children need and to support the growth of generations with greater self-awareness, better relationships with others and with others and most significant interactions with the planet.

Official Book Launch: 31 October, 2019, in Book Shop "Travessa" in Lisbon, 18h30.
You will have the opportunity to build the emotional kit your family need: Book + Emotionary Jenga

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