Launching “Emocionar: An Emotional toolkit for Families, done by children”

Book launch“Emocionar, an Emotional Tool Kit for Families” made by children from 13 countries of the world was yesterday and it was an honor to have the Jornalist Conceição Lino to talk about how she felt wile living and reading this book. A huge thank you and privilege to have your participation in this moment. “Emocionar” is just a product of a much larger project, which is behuman.

Behuman was created with the concerns and tips of hundreds of children from 13 different countries and we aim to provide ways (books, guides, documentaries and activities) to help children and adults to interact from inside out to the world. Provoking curiosity and skills to allow reflection and care of themselves, those around them and the planet, because this is the only way that we can get a common welfare and more Humanity in our world.

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